Can You Deliver IT as a Service?



The IT industry has worked toward a vision of delivering IT as a Service for years. But until a recent convergence of events, true success has remained an elusive goal for many companies. Today, unprecedented economic pressure for new models of doing business and the maturity of virtualization technology are accelerating the adoption of cloud computing. Solutions for turning IT into a service are now both more accessible and more affordable.

If you are downloading music, buying airline tickets online, participating in a social network, or using hosted e-mail, chances are you are one of more than one billion users already accessing IT services

IT as a Service can help you:

  • Be more responsive to customer needs.
  • Deploy new services quickly.
  • Capitalize on a new business model.
  • Expand or contract IT resources quickly and for less money.
  • Move IT from a capital to an operating expense on a metered basis.

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