Virtual Infocom sets up new center in Jaipur



Virtual Information & Communications, Kolkata (VIC) has recently launched its new center in Jaipur and also plans to open a production unit. With batch strength of 10 the first batch started on 1st august 2010 and the Jaipur operation is controlled by Amit Trivedi.

Speaking to VIC CEO & Founder Arijit Bhattacheryya said "Jaipur is emerging as one of the hubs for engineering and high number of students are showing their interest in animation and game development but no institute provides the curriculum with affordable cost that we are providing. We see high potential among students and caliber for achieving excellence. We are going to start our production unit there soon, so that candidates from our institute can get a chance to be a part of our production team too."

The various courses offered are Game Development (PC, Mobile games, iPhone Games, Online Games) Game Design (PC, Mobile games, iPhone Games, Online Games), Animation, iPhone applications, iPhone Games, Web site Development & Design, Web Application Development and Graphics Design.

"We have experienced faculty who are currently involved in our production unit and are involved with the industry directly thus know the current market requirement and latest tips for success which they share with students to endeavor excellence and perfection. Students can learn the best and most updated technology which is used by the industry. These skills help them enter the industry with confidence and passion. Students work on live projects and have continuous interaction with production units and guests who will share their knowledge through seminars." added Arijit.

Virtual Infocom has started a fresh in-house animated series on how a child can grow, how she finds out about the world around her etc, so that parents can nourish a child properly with proper food and education and a child can make new friends and can make right decisions.

How to become successful in life : virtualinfocom



The noted New Yorker writer Malcolm Gladwell’s 10,000hour rule theory in his Outliers: The story of success says that the key to success in any field is, to a large extent, a matter of practicing a specific task for a total of 10,000 hours which means 20 hours of work in a week continuously for 10 years. So genius may not be the only one or main ingredient to be successful symphony of a person’s life.
Gladwell cited the story of Christopher Langan who ended up working on a horse farm despite having an IQ of 195 vis-à-vis Albert Einstein’s score of 150. The writer blames the environment in which Langan grew up: ‘No one –not Rock stars, not professional athletes, not software billionaires, and not even geniuses--------------ever makes it alone’ he writes.
In contrast, Eastern traditions tend to attribute such results to innate or intrinsic causes or disciplines. The Bhagavad-Gita, for example, cautions against unintelligent (tamasic) or over passionate (rajasic) effort. The best results flow from Satvic practices: dispassionate or detached effort, abhyasa backed with vairagya.

So practice makes perfect but don’t loose your control-----------it takes time.

Each and every person has more spare time than he thinks. Most people don’t use their leisure time optimally. One reason is mental pre-occupation. If one loves his job, is self employed or thrive against impossible dead lines, one need to spend lots of time thinking about his work and not  to spend big chunks of leisure time in most frictionless ways------watching T.V., for example. 

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