Aswathama The Immortal game development in India


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Every level in this game brings out an interesting adventure exploration as the player moves forward. In this game, Ashwathama is seen searching for the ‘Gem’ in this Kaliyuga as per the curse of Lord Krishna. The different background settings in this game play revolve around forests, valleys, flowers, thunder and other natural elements of the Earth. In short, in all the 21 levels, the player will unlock the new powers and spells by collecting the magic crystals and fighting with Demi God at the end of each level. There is no real winning for the game as the game has three different winning methods. In order to bring out such an interesting concept, the team referred to various sources like Sanskrit and Pali books. They even interacted with Sadhus of Himalayan . This in turn helped the Virtualinfocom team to use some specific color textures and variations throughout the game.

We have tried our level best to insert natural colors and old structures of ancient India to bring out the art and culture and combine the science behind it.The team started working on this game from Mid February 2013 and at present it has reached the production stage.
Ashwathama will be available on iOS, Android and for PC/ desktop users.

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