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Can playing games make you earn? No. I’m not talking about the viral IPL or the FIFA or even the Olympics. I am talking about video game-play. Yes. They can. Though, it would be an exaggeration if I say you can make your living through game-play. But certainly you can easily earn a fair amount of pocket money to afford more games & can add an extra bit of fun & excitement to your gaming-life. And if you are a core gamer, then chances of earning a ransom are huge & bright.
But things are not as easy as it sounds. It’s not that you aim at your opponent & you are paid for that. The process, like any other field, involves wisdom, expertise & labour.
  • Ways of being an Earner Gamer:
  •  Become an e-sport athlete.
  •  Become a game-tester.
  •  Share your knowledge-beans.
  •  Write about games.
Loads of tournaments are held globally these days, so you will never be short of chances to show your skills. Participate. Win. Trust me, you can win millions & eventually can become a star.
If you are a pro-gamer, look for corporate sponsorship. The corporate sector is patronizing the gamers through decades.
As the name suggests, game-testers get to play games while testing & you get paid for that. You get the security of a job. You get to play a game even before publishing. Even before anyone else tries. Isn’t that exciting?
Another way of earning is sharing your knowledge. How? Upload your games to YouTube. Earn huge likes & get paid.
You can share your knowledge by some other means also.
a)     Get hired by some websites who are in search of writers, reviewers.
b)    Be a blogger.

Wait. There are lots more in these to look into. Be careful before trying these means.
Things to keep in mind:
  • To become an e-sport athlete, you need to be a serious, hardcore gamer. An easygoing attitude will NOT work.
  •  The job of a game-tester is not easy. You may not always have the golden chance to play games according to your choice. You’ll play only those games that you will be asked for. Also, the work is quite tedious to some people as the duty is more about scrutinizing the problems & listing down the bugs than mere game-play. The wage is also average. The working hours are long at times, depending on the difficulty of a game.
  • Think twice before you go on with a contract with any website. Check out their credibility. Read the Terms & Conditions very carefully. Don’t just go away with the stunning looks & fake promises of the site(s).
  •  Gaming is a very dynamic & competitive field. To be successful here you need to have a sound knowledge & a progressive outlook. So don’t just jump off with a little learning. Know all the nooks & corners of a game.
  •  In case you started your blog, then my advice would be, keep writing. Don’t just stop after a few articles. Keep writing. Keep the continuity. Once you start publishing & get a few likes or comments, this means people are reading & they are keeping a vigil on your posts. And you certainly don’t want people to stop talking about the posts. Neither you want them to take you less seriously. Do you?
Earning through game-play is not a child’s play. If it had made you dream of quitting your job or leaving school, then I’m sorry to say that this dream will not come true, dear. You have to be equally dedicated to your work, oops, games. As you are reading this, I’m sure you are already a dedicated one. Still if you are not, then I bet, the plethora of the options mentioned is tempting enough to make you one. So what are you waiting for? The gaming industry is waiting for you.

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